Shilin Cixian temple

Coming to Shilin Night Market, don’t miss to visit the local temple.

Located in the small streets around the market, the Cixian Temple is a Taoist temple dedicated to the worship of the Sea Goddess Mazu.

It was originally built in 1796 near the current location of the American School in Shilin. This temple was destroyed in a fire that engulfed Zhilan Street during a fight between rival immigrant clans from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in mainland China.

In 1864, a group of devotees built a new temple on New Bazhilan Street. This temple was rebuilt in 1927. Artisans of two different schools separately constructed the left and right wings, which consequently contain different styles of carvings. The two halls are linked by a gallery in a style typical of southern Fujian temple architecture.

Cixian temple is worth a visit (even if you aren’t already in the area to snack!) in order to admire the masterful cochin ceramic panels above the arched doors in the main hall, as well as colorful lanterns and the exquisite stone- and woodcarvings.hdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdrhdr

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