Shilin the Birth Place for Rock Stars

Does anyone know Shilin, Taipei is not just a place that well known for it’s night market. It’s also a birth place for the famous Taiwanese rock band Mayday(五月天). They first started off as an underground rock band and played in the bar, a floor beneath Li-Fong Theater(立峰戲院). The major reasons that makes Shilin so popular in music and becoming the attraction for all muscians, is because of intensive instrument shops, band rehearsal rooms, performing stages and a bunch of enthusiastic students from school’s pop music clubs. So when you come to visit Taipei, you would definately don’t want to miss this vibrant place with diversity of sweet voices. Sometimes during weekend nights, you may lucky to see some of performances on the street.


感謝覺醒音樂Awake Music 士林店提供練團的場地、設備,店內同時也有販售樂器零配件喔。

Shilin Hostel Accommodation:



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