Hiking Teapot Mountain

On the way to the first peak

One hour from Taipei by bus (bus 6062), Teapot is an incredible spot where you can go hiking for a day. If you like hiking, mountains and the Ocean, this is the perfect hike to do in the Nothern part of Taiwan ! However you should go on a really sunny day, otherwise it gets really cloudy up there.



Going through he first peak by the little hole

If you want to hike a bit further you can go through the first bit by climbing through the little hole inside the peak.. Once you went through you will gave a nice spot to take outstanding  pictures.

450.jpg 7

Directions :

If you come from Taipei with the bus number 6062, you have to get off the bus at the Golden Museum Stop. It is the stop right after Juifen old city stop. You have to enter the museum to get on the trail of Teapot Mountain. Follow the crosshatched blue line on the map below to get your way to the mountain.


You will go through the old rail line of taiwan, then pass by the Golden building and finally go up the stairs just on the right side after you crossed the bridge.

Old railway


Once you found the stairs that are after the bridge, keep going up for around 15 minutes until you arrive on a road. Then go on your left and walk for around 7-8 minutes and finally take the stairs on your right (see picture bealow).

Stairs after the bridge
13View from the road
14Where the trail really begins

Continuing the trail after the first peak

When I when to teapot mountain my idea at first was to do the all trail, unfortunately due to the bad wheather I had to made my way back. However if you are motivated go check this website where you will found informations and pictires about the end of the trail : http://www.earthtrekkers.com/teapot-mountain/

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