Hitchhiking in Taiwan

A quick view about hitchhiking on the beautiful island of Taiwantaiwan.jpg

I write this article after made the tour of Taiwan in hitchhiking from: Kaoshiung (South West) by Kenting (South),Hualien (East) and Taipei for finish (North West).

So two things to know:

-It’s really easy to hitchhike in this island and the people will really pick you up and they are very friendly and curious about foreigners.

-Yet, most of the times they don’t speak English at all so better to know a basic vocabulary.

My trip started at Kaoshiung, I used the website hitchwiki.com to find the most accurate spot to put myself. They gives you in this websites the best place on many city in the world depending of the direction that you want to take (East, West, South, North).

I was pick up after 15min waiting with a board with the city Kenting written in Chinese.

Nice people met during the road trip


After hitchhike in many place in the world, I’m not a big fan of traveling with a cardboard because people may think that you are not interested if they don’t go in the place exactly where you wanna go. But it’s true that if you don’t speak the language, it may make it easier the matter.

More pictures:

Kenting and the beautiful peninsula of the Island

I slept one night in Kenting, and the next day I had to come back on my step as I learn that there is no road really from Kenting to Taitung. My next step before reaching Hualien. This day was a little bit harder as it rains a lot during almost all the trip, it doesn’t rain a lot in Taiwan but when it happens it’s very strong.

This pics was taken during the Typhoon reach Hualien



The East Coast is really beautiful as the mountains enthroned all the coasts. Yet, careful some day it can be really, really hot.

Or really, really rainy..




One of the best view that I had during my trip


20937988_10213726176934609_1335486200_n (1)
I met really nice people during my trip and I had a dinner in a restaurant in Yilan with a family whom pick up just before Taipei.












The road from Hualien to Taipei is quite long and even though I was very lucky, I could get to Taipei with only two cars, it took me 5 hours. Hopefully because I left the city very late and it was extremely hot this day.

Reaching Taipei by night! 😉


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