Chua Bing, a must try in Taiwan

I try many different dessert during my trip on Taipei but there is one that I put on the


front of the list and I highly recommend all the visitors of Taiwan to try.

It’s the so excellent Chua Bing!


Visiting Taipei or the others city of Taiwan and you will have the pleasure to spend lots of times strolling on the many aisle and path of the different city.


Many ice cream, waffles, crepes et cetera.. But you would certainly see some particulars stands where there have different kinds of beans and cereals in some saucepans on the front. And yet, it may appear not very flashy or attractive, you may miss an incredible dish of this Island.




This dessert is made with crushed ice decorated by the different sweet cereals (cooked in syrup) that you can choose on the many saucepans.


I highly recommend: if you like: the smooth and sweet taste, the taro, the oats and the red beans.

Excellent! :p ;}

Some stand offer also a ball of ice cream on the top of your dish.

The difficult may lies on the difficulties to know the different ingredient that you may choose, as everything is, of course written in Mandarin. So it may good for you to have the opportunity to go with a chinese speaker or dare to try a random taste. But it’s the fun part when you travel 😉

Lot of time, it’s about luck when you choose your dishes 😉

David Z

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