Our typhoon experience in Taipei

First of all, don’t panic. You’re in a country that is used to suffer these natural disasters from time to time, especially from July to September.

How can you know if there is a typhoon coming? The Mono’tel’s staff will always advice you 🙂 and you can also download the app “Taiwan Weather” for IOS or Android. Once the app is installed, you can follow these steps in order to know if there is any typhoon coming and it potential track area.

First you need to look if there is any alert; this is indicated at the top-right corner of the app.


Then, if there is any typhoon alert, you can tap on it in order to see the details.


Once you’re in the details section, then you can drop-down the top menu and select “Potential track area”


And finally, you will see the map and when it should arrive, if it happens, the typhoon to your location.


Once the typhoon is here, it’s only lack of common sense what could transform an under control situation into chaos.

  • Try to stay the most of the time in the hostel, we know that it could be very boring, but the people from Mono’tel will do their best to entertain you (movies, music, chat, etc…).


  • If you go out, try not to go so far, in order you can return quickly, as the wind and rain could escalate very quickly.


  • No matter what, don’t go to the mountain or by the sea as if you need help, it will be very difficult that the emergency services arrive quick to that locations.


  • Be careful of flying objects, as the wind will be very strong.


  • Try to buy some food (noodles cup, chips, cookies), just in case the typhoon last several days and the food supply stops due the weather.


We lived our first typhoon (Nesat) without any issues following those simple rules and being informed through the Mono’tel staff and the weather app from the government of Taiwan.

So, don’t panic, enjoy your stay and continue your travel once the typhoon is gone.


E & J

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