Numbers in Chinese, an unexpected surprise

We are a bakcpacker couple from Barcelona and we have been travelling around Asia for almost a year. We were managing with english and body language quite well until we arrived to China & Taiwan, guess what? … the body language for the numbers is completely different to the rest of the countries that we’ve been 😉

From 1 to 5 it is the same but from 6 to 10 is completely different 🙂 and sometimes, they will not understand a, for example, seven with your way of representing numbers with hands 😐

 If you want to do number 6 with your hands the correct way to do it is:


Number 7:


Number 8:


Number 9:


Number 10:


As you can see this part was one of the most challenging during our trip, because we never imagined that the way of representing numbers are so different in this part of the world 🙂 but once you’ve learned is very handy to used them because you can use only 1 hand to do the numbers from 1 to 9 meanwhile you use your other hand to eat a wonderful bun! 😀

E & J

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