Local SIM card + Easycard = uBike

If you get a local sim card in order to be connected at anytime here at Taiwan and also get an Easycard in order to pay the MRT and bus, guess what? You can also ride bicycles for a very cheap price.

But before doing it, you need to register your card in the system with a Taiwanese number. There are two ways of doing it, by the kiosk near any uBike rental service or by web page. In this guide we will do it by webpage.

First go to this address https://taipei.youbike.com.tw/en/index.php

Then click on the register button and accept the terms.

You will be prompted by your telephone number (remember to put a leading 0) and the captcha. At this point could happen two things, that you can continue with your registration OR that the system says that you’ve already an account. This second case it’s very common, as when we buy a tourist sim card the number on it is a recycled one and maybe someone else has already used to register on the uBike service.

If your sim card is a recycled one, then you need to go to the login page, and select forgot password option, then you will be prompted again for your mobile phone, and a recovery code will be sent by SMS to your phone.


Once the register is completed, then you can register, up to 5, Easy Cards within your uBike account.

In order to do it, you need to log in with your account, and go to the bottom of the page (if you have a recycled sim card, then it will be wise to delete the old cards associated with your account) and there you can add your Easy Cards in order to be able to rent a bicycle.


Now you will be able to rent a bike with your easy card, just remember to swipe your card at the beginning of the rental and at the end (I didn’t know that you need to swipe it at the end 😦 ).


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