Taipei in a nutshell

If you only have one day to visit this wonderful city, we recommend you this awesome and budget plan for the entire day.

 First wake up from your marvelous bed at Mono’tel, take a fresh shower and a good breakfast at their wonderful kitchen (you can buy all the necessary things just at the next door), because you will need all the energy for this intense day! :).

 Once your batteries are fully charged, let’s head to one of the most iconic hotspots at Taipei, the Elephant Mountain, where you can see all the skyline of Taipei including Taipei 101 tower, the 8th tallest building in the world (508m).

 So, let’s go to the MRT station (Jiantan) and head to Xiangshan station (note that not all the trains stops until that station, so maybe you need to get off at Daan and wait for the next train that stops at Xiangshan Station).


Once you’ve arrived to Xiangshan, you only need to follow the signs that are at all the way until the beginning of the trail. Please, be aware that you will do a lot of stairs, so this means a lot of exercise and sweating a lot, so dress accordingly a bring a lot of water as there are no vendors or vending machines on the trail.

After 20 minutes (or 40 minutes if you took the long hike) you will be enjoying these wonderful views.


After you take your time to contemplate this wonderful view, is time to move to our next destination, the old town! A magic place with a lot of history behind it four walls.

One cool way to visit the old town and make new friends is with a free tour. Luckily in Taipei there is this awesome service ( In order to join the tour you have to take the MRT and get off at NTU Hospital station, exit no. 4. If you do not want to take the tour is it also a good spot to start :).


From there you can head to the National Taiwan Museum & 228 Peace Memorial Park. The guides will explain you the history of Taiwan and the sad story about the memorial and the truth behind the 228 number.

At the park you can do a very authentic reflexology test (if you are brave enough to support the pain 😉 ).


After the fun with the reflexology you can head to the presidential office. A very emblematic building in the city, built by the Japanese as you can see from the architectural style.

Let’s continue the visit with a traditional market (Inner City Market) where you can find the typical food & drinks of the city. Also on the streets around the market you can find funny sculptures to take funny pictures.

FullSizeRender (1)

It’s time to finish the tour and the best way to do it is visiting the Ximending streets to feel the vibe of Taipei and finishing it at the peaceful Tianhou Temple.


Now that you finish the tour it’s time to charge your batteries again :), the best way to do so is to try one of the Taiwanese signature dishes. We recommend you to try the Pepper Cakes at Fuzhou Ancestor Pepper Pie ( and beef noodle soup at Beef Noodle of the King (


Enjoy your day in Taipei 🙂


E & J

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