Tamsui (淡水, Danshui)

Tamsui or how my friend told me to call it “Danshui”, is definitely worth a visit. Tamsui is located at the sea side of New Taipei City. When you walk along the riverbank you can see the Tamsui River flowing into the East China Sea. It also offers a great opportunity to see a beautiful sunset.

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Unfortunately when I got their the weather wasn’t perfect but it was still worth it.


You can visit Tamsui old street and enjoy local street food that are unique for Tamsui.

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The tallest ice creams you have ever seen, tiny iron eggs, a coup of sour plum juice or a bowl of soup with meat filled fish balls 阿給 “ā gěi” (fried tofu filled with glass noodles) make your local experience perfect. You can’t miss the old street. It’s only a few minutes walk from Tamsui MRT Station. Just follow the crowd.









Parallel to the old street you find the Tamsui Riverbank with food stalls, quaint cafe, souvenir shops, street performers and fair styled games. I recommend hopping on a rental bicycle and exploring the area. You can ride on the riverside trail towards the Fisherman’s wharf with it’s Lover’s Bridge (情人橋).

Specially at night the Lover’s Bridge is a magical place to be. You can walk over the bridge and watch the colorful lights changing.






Image result for lovers bridge at night taipei

20133779_10207054628683949_2009054415_o.jpgYou can also take a cruise from Tamsui to Bali across the river, where you can absorb the beautiful scenery of Guanyin Mountain. Bring your book with you, sit down at a café on the riverside and relax. If you want more action you can check out the nearby Wuji Tianyuan Temple (無極天元宮) or Tough Guy Peak (觀音山硬漢嶺) for an amazing night view over Taipei.

How to get to Tamsui

Tamsui station is the last stop on the red MRT line. It seems easy but you need to be careful. When I took the metro to Tamsui I had to get off in Beitou and change to another train. Unfortunately I didn’t know that. My train stopped at Beitou station. A lot of people left the train. I thought they all want to change to the Xinbeitou train (in Xinbeitou are nice hot pools you can visit) or they are living close to the Beitou station. A chinese woman was talking to me when she got off Beitou. I guess she told me that I should get off here too if my destination is Tamsui. As I am not a Chinese speaker I couldn’t understand a word. The next moment when the train headed back to the station where we have been before (Qiyan) I knew what the Chinese woman tried to tell me some minutes before.
I got off at Qiyan, changed to the other side to catch the next train to Beitou again, then got off at Beitou to change the trains to finally get to Tamsui station.


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