Paradise of flowers & Stairways to the sky-Hiking Yang Ming Mountain in Taipei

It is my first trip to Taiwan, but I would never regret coming here because of the wonderful view which I have admired. One spot that impressed me a lot is Yangming Mountain, known for its riveting views of Taipei, the mountains beyond, the grassy lawn and most importantly, of the pincushion . Today was the day, the scenic Yangming Mountain gave me my path into the north Taiwan sky.

It was a short distance from my hostel to the mountain. The hostel named Mono’tel locates in B1, 102 Wenlin Road, Shilin district, very close to the Shilin Night Market. It is underground so it may be a little bit difficult to be found at the first time but I really recommend that. The host is really nice, It was she that suggested me to go to Yangming Mountain since it was tge best time to admire the pincushion. I took the No. 260 bus to the final station but you must oay attention that it is Yangmingshan Park, not the mountain!!! To go to the mountain, you can choose either a taxi(100 NTD), little 8/9 bus(15 NTD each) or on foot (50
min). Since it was a little bit late, we took the bus. (Pay attention that you can ONLY take the bus going up to the mountain, NOT down!!!)



We took off at the Hutianqiao station, then the beautiful pincushions are on the way! The ticket cost 100 NTD, and it was really worthwhile, especially for beautiful girls who like taking photos. We saw lots of people taking wedding pictures, and I recommend you having a look! We even met a photographer from Taiwan who volunteered to take photos for us, which strengthened our favorable opinion towards Taiwan.


Here are some beautiful pictures of us.




The Yangming Mountain trails are almost fully stepped. We marveled at the rugged persistence of the hardy fellows who hauled the heavy rock to the upper reaches. From the entrance, you are in forest, and will come to a rest pavilion after about 20 minutes of relatively easy walking. Do just that – rest a bit. For from this point the trek dramatically
steepens. Stop for a drink and to soak in the splendid far-off views behind you.M

And here it is!


Seaside or mountain in Taibei, I believe we choose the right one. Mt. Yangming— my recommendation for your first try in Taibei.


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