Dinner Time at Shilin Night Market

Mono’tel offered us the perfect base to explore the Shilin Night Market on almost a nightly basis. Literally just cross the road and you’re there. Easy!

The sweet aromas of Stinky Tofu fill your nostrils on arrival; but don’t let that put you off! There are an overwhelming amount of delicacies to get your grimey little hands on, but Stinky Tofu is the number one must try food. Ask any Taiwanese person what it is like and watch little love hearts appear in their eyes. These guys adore it!

Our top six foods are as follows:

–          Sweet Potato Balls: Pour chocolate powder over to make it sweet and other toppings to make it savoury.

–          Mango Shaved Ice: If you’re there when it’s in season, get up right now and go eat some. Stop depriving yourself of this wondrous treat.

–          Fried Chicken: Taipei make an amazing fried chicken. So bad but so good. Only eat once to avoid diet related diseases.

–          Papaya Milk: The Papaya Milk and the Papaya Milk lady are equally as wonderful as each other.

–           Phallic Cakes: Pay too much to eat penis shaped icecreams and pastries.

–          Pao Pao Peanut Ice Cream: I’m really addicted to peanut butter and mildly addicted to ice cream. This place is a dream come true.

Shilin doesn’t just boast the best street food in town; but also offers diverse fashion, carnival games and of course: fidget spinners. Crawl your way through the maze of lanes and let yourself get lost in the truly vibrant atmosphere. Bargain with boisterous vendors and test your taste buds.

We recommend going during the week, we went Thursday night and it still had everything open without the wall to wall people.

Although the market is packed, Mono’tel offered us a refuge to chill out in after the markets. An open plan kitchen leads into two huge living rooms with plenty of cosy spaces to relax in. Sit, let your stomach rest, help yourself to a cup of tea and start planning what you’re going to eat for tomorrow night’s dinner at the Shilin Night Market.

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