Coffee With A View – View With A Coffee

Coffee is great, and even better when having good company along with it, well and it gets even better if you add a fantastic view! Not too long ago we went to visit Taipei 101, though did not go up. Just recently we learned about a Starbucks being located on the 35th floor. Some research later, we took the phone and rang them up to place a reservation.

Off we were, quick ride via MRT from Jiantan to Taipei 101. With the reservation number in hand, we took the side entrance to the west and were waiting by the green line. A few others were waiting already, so we queued up. Try to be the last one in line or at least when you will get into the elevator. This way, you will be the first one to leave on your way to Starbucks.


You will be picked up from the queue, asked to present your reservation number and off you go. Walking through the strongly watched admission gates. Once in the elevator, you will feel the pressure as you go up, if you have sensitive ears.

Find yourself one of the limited window seats and simply enjoy the view. You will have to order a drink and snack, meaning you will have to spend at least NTD $200 per person, on the other hand you will get to enjoy coffee with a view.

We gave it a go and it passed 😉 You can stay up there for a max of  one hour and a half, as they also cater for the people working at 101. After that you will be kindly asked to leave,  we imagine, but have neither heard nor experienced that.


So bring your camera, and off you go! Enjoy Taipei from high above! Even though it isn’t the 89th floor, the view is pretty spectacular and will make your jaw drop.


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  1. Johnny Lien says:

    Wow!!! Having a coffee on the landmark of Taipei is very fascinating. Wish I was there to be one of your company and enjoying the best city view.


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