Taipei Expo Park: Always Something New

Just by chance on our way back to Mono’tel, we saw from far away while on the MRT, that a huge event was happening at the Taipei Expo Park. We got off right by it at the MRT Yuanshan station and were heading straight into the crowd. A huge Farmer’s Market was going on and had attracted thousands of people.


We strolled along the various food stalls, unique craft displays and off to the entertainment ares.

It was good for people from all ages. We were in awe watching children trying endlessly catching tiny turtles with a paper netted gadget. Unfortunately, we didn’t stick around long enough to see anyone succeed, but we understood that you can keep the turtle caught if it stays on your paper without falling back into the water. Besides that, children could catch fake ducklings from a pool, dig colorful balls dropping them into a container to see their amount grow using a giant metal digger. I wished I was younger to do that too, but I thought at the same time, people might think I am crazy. So we only watched jealously. Another super fancy and to us very new activity, was the family uniting attraction of mini car rentals. Here is how it works – it is fun for everyone in your family! (We did not have a child with us, otherwise we would have tried that as well. Once again, I was to tall to fit the child sized toy cars. 😦 )  So, the cars come in all colors and designs resembling real cars from all sort of makes and models. You get to P_20170402_164258choose your favorite one, the child hops in, Mom gets to take pictures and Dad is handed the remote control for the car. There we go, you will instantly see smiles on everyone’s face and the fun begins.

These of course were just some impressions of what you can do  here, as we then continued to buy some food from the food market and headed then for more sightseeing at the hand crafted items on display. Some young performers were showing off their dancing skills along the way, so you will definitely not get bored here.

Come and have a look what the Expo Park has to offer while you are in town. There is always something happening, besides markets there are also concerts and other entertainment for you to visit and explore.


One last thing, if you happen to still be in need for food on your way home or into the park, right at the bottom of the MRT station, there is a nice take away sushi place. You can choose your sushi individually, most of them are wrapped piece by piece, but they also come in a pack with a different variety for you to enjoy.



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