The Missing Piece: Mystery Room

Ok, I can see what you may think.. What the heck is that?? Fine, but give it a thought! A few days ago my friend had told me about having gone on an adventure hunt with some mates of his. I know he likes virtual games, but this seemed interesting, so I wanted to learn more. And yes, it does use the same principles, think of any computer game you ever played, remember that often you have to hunt for little pieces to solve the big mystery and defeat the threat or to get out of the maze? Well, this is basically the same thing, except, it is in real life and the real world, with real people, you and your friends! End of story, we went out to explore and experience this game with a handful of friends from Mono’tel. And it was super fun!

Just a  short ride via MRT, we made it to Ximen where the Mystery Room is located. You will enter an elevator to make it to the floor where the game is played, seemed a bit funny but just think of it as part of the game. From there you will enter the Mystery Room area, the guide will walk you through what the game is all about and that you can choose from different stories.

We were a group of four, and some of the options apply to a group of six only, however, you can also go if you are only two. Not sure if individuals are ok to game, or if you will just end up being added to another group. Although, quite frankly, this is quite a nice way to make friends.


So here we are. Not really knowing what to expect. But excited. We flipped a coin and went with the decision for “Alcatraz”. You will have to lock your personal belongings, in particular your phone and cameras in order to not spoil the game. Then, our guide led us into one of the mystery rooms. The door opens and we see three cells.. each lit up in a different color. Next thing I know, we are all locked in! The clock gets set to one hour and off we go, on our own having to solve a puzzle, that we do not even know yet what it is. Given that we chose Alcatraz, the most famous and mystery involved prison in the US, we kind of knew we have to find out way out.

Each of us in a cell, only one cell with two people in itP_20170327_193526, this is fun. We find things in the cell, trying to make sense of it and little by little we narrow it down and follow the leads, teaming up, sharing ideas and thoughts, trying to figure out how to solve this puzzle with the little information we had. After a full hour, we were really close, thought we had the final answer to get out of the room and free ourselves by successfully escaping, but… ahh so tight, we were about 20 seconds behind the clock.. Still, we made it, even if not in time!


Sorry, I can’t give you any more details, otherwise I might ruin the fun for you. Go find out yourself, grab some friends and have fun! It is a rather surreal experience, and I honestly did not think I would voluntarily sign up for being locked up in a cell, but for this game, YES PLEASE!


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