Taipei Arena: Sports, Concerts and Ice Skating

A few nights ago, we went ahead and explored what Taipei Arena has to offer. To our surprise there is quite a lot to do!

The Taipei Arena opened in 2005 and has since become the host of various sporting and entertainment events in Taiwan, among them Cirque du Solei, the Broadway musical Cats as well as Disney on Ice. Throughout the year it also offers sport entertainment of boxing, judo, tennis, handball and gymnastics. Moreover, it contains an auxiliary arena that is being used by the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League. This very ice skating ring of 60x30m is open to the public to explore ice skating in all variations.


When we went, the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championship was going on. As none of us had ever been to such event, we were quite excited to see what it will entail. Navigating around the arena is quite easy, signs posted will lead you into the right direction and make sure that you will not get lost in this big construction. Worst case, there is an information desk on the first floor where you can get help, if needed. The ISU event is held yearly at a different location, and this year, Taipei got to be the chosen place. Young ice skaters from all around the globe came to show their skills and compete at the Taipei Arena.

The night we went, DSC_0545skaters competed in junior pair free skating. The competitors looked very young, once looked into the rules it made sense, as skaters for that category must be between 13-19 years. It was quite impressive to see their figures performed on ice, making ice skating look fun and easy like everyone else could do it, except  it is hard work and not easy at all.


I am excited to see some more events happening at the arena, as the night out was really fun. For upcoming events, you can use this website and see what is going on while you are here.





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