Red Rock Bouldering Gym

We were adventurous yesterday and decided to spend some time trying out some bouldering. Simply, that is climbing without a rope and a shorter distance to kiss the mat in case you will loose your grip.

Red Rock is super close to Mono’tel, about 7 min walking distance. Pick up some food along the way back as you will walk past all these yummy street food stalls from Shilin Night Market anyways. The Gym is a bit harder to find, as it is located right next to a car dealer and only a very small sign is pointing you to the right direction, which is downstairs. Once you found the sign, you cannot go wrong.


Shoes are left outside on a small rack as special climbing shoes are required. If you do not have your own, you can rent them for a small fee. Chalk is offered for free in large chalk bags by the walls. Admission allows you access for the entire day, so bring time and water to and enjoy your day among other climbers.  Although the hall looks fairly small, there is heaps of paths and routes you can try out. For beginners just as well as for intermediate and advanced boulderers and climbers, this gym will make you happy. Don’t worry about falling, there are mats everywhere along the walls and climbing area. They are well connected and offer a safe climbing environment. Please do look out for fellow climbers on the wall, as you do not want to be in their way in case they fall.  Most walls, however, have an incline, so be aware although the route looks quite easy it actually may require some strength and hard work. Only a few roofs and overhang options, but surely you will find a project to work on.


The route system is divided into different skill levels from V0-V7, the guy behind the desk or other climbers will happily explain to you what you need to know.

So chalk up and climb on!

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