Huashan Creative Park

Welcome to one of Taipei’s most artistic and creative places! Huashan 1914 Creative Park is located right in the heart of Taipei, easy access and simply beautiful in all it’s unique ways. A few of us went to explore Huashan Creative Park last night and this is what we found…

There are a few little shops with interesting and exciting little thingies, especially those that no one actually really needs but everyone loves to look at. Hand crafted pottery, papers and booklets, handbags, shoes and many many more. Also restaurants and smaller bars are among the places to see and explore. One of my favorites was a small shop where you can make your own little wooden figurines. Unfortunately we went there too late for that to happen, but they usually offer classes throughout the day. Look at the detailed work and enjoy the makers’ creativity.

There is plenty of small restaurants and cafes offering a cozy atmosphere to hang out and give yourself some rest from busy Taipei’s city life while enjoying a good latte or cocktail.


Huashan Creative Park used to be an old deserted factory until a few creative minds discovered this charming spot. Originally this place was built in the early 20th century and hosted wine production before it was converted into this artsy community and eventually even received support from the Taiwan Cultural-Creative Development Co. Ltd.


Check for upcoming events and expos and have a fun day out.






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