Unique Themed Restaurant Experience: Modern Toilet

Fancy a really unique dining experience? Well, look no more, only 5 min walking distance from Mono’tel you will get to explore a toilet themed restaurant! Last night, a few of us went to try out this interesting looking place. We had spotted it only by chance, although the huge toilet on the outside of the building was a give away.


It had originally started in the early 2000s as a few folks started selling ice cream in poo shape and then realized how much people enjoyed this special treat while having a good laugh. So they kept going and eventually expanded their idea into a toilet themed restaurants that made many people smirk and smile. The first place was opened in south Taiwan before it slowly made its way up to Taipei.


Modern Toilet offers interesting decorations inside as you walk up the stairs, you will enter a place similar to a large bathroom. The tables are converted sinks or bathtubs with a glass top, seats are toilet bowls with various different toilet seats in all colors and designs.  Have a look around and see what you can discover inside some of the bowls and sinks. From sands and sDSC_0500ea shells, you will also find bathtubs filled with colorful balls and bathing toys. They stayed themed as even the wall decoration offers shower racks and shower heads just as well as toilet paper dispensers and tabs. Their restroom is no less going along with the rest, the sink here, to no surprise is once more a toilet bowl! There is a lot to see just in terms of decor. But wait till you get to explore the menu!

TDSC_0503he menu is truly unique when it comes to food and drink choices. Amongst others, you will be offered Poo Poo drink, Shit Ice Cream (excuse my language, I am citing though) or
Toilet Chicken Curry, just to name a few. Over all this place offers a wide range of different foods, pasta, gratins, curries and hot pots.  All food comes in special dishes, from drinks in urinals, to plates reminding you of sinks to curry being served in a proper small toilet bowl.   DSC_0506

Definitely a restaurant experience you will remember for a while!

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