Shilin Night Market – Taipei’s Largest

Shilin Night Market is THE place to go for food and night shopping in Taipei! We regularly go for a stroll across the night market, almost daily actually.


So much to see and take in. We just have to get out of the door and there it is. It truly gets very vibrant and lively at night, and even more so over the weekend. Shilin is Taipei’s largest and best-known night market, a huge tourist attraction for people from near and far. As you walk through the narrow streets, you will be surprised by the appealing smells of amazing foods available.


DSC_0513 Even as vegetarian you will have plenty of choices to fill your hungry stomach. Start with a sugary drink and then stroll for something more substantial. My favorites are the leek and vegetable dumplings, tofu in all different ways on a stick or cut up with rice.




Don’s miss out on desserts! Look out for shaved ice or crepes for example. Simply crepes with whipped cream and fresh fruits, alternatively you can choose from different fruits, spreads and/or cheese cakes as fillings.  Last night my choice fell on a strawberry crepes, but see for yourself how delicious that looks (and tasted!!!)




Besides food,
the night market offers everything you can
possibly think of! Drinks, clothes, electronics, suits for your pets at home as well as jewelry and ribbons. A true must for everyone exploring Taipei.

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