Rooms Available


Mono’tel Hostel offers value and comfort in one of the best locations in Taipei, with a range of different accommodation. The different types of rooms include dorm rooms, double rooms, quad rooms and family rooms.


The dorms, doubles and quad rooms,  come with spacious beds, bigger than the average single, with a shelf, nightlight and plug sockets. The sockets have a port for USB and Ethernet cables for faster internet connection, as well as a the normal plug socket. There is also space around the bed to store small items. You get your own locker where you can safely put your most valuable items. For your privacy there is thick curtain on every bed, which is very effective at blocking out light, making sure that you are guaranteed a good night sleep.



The shared bathroom has a large number of very spacious showers, as well as toilets, washing machine and dryer, hairdryers and sinks. There is plenty of each facility making sure you don’t need to wait to use anything.


In the family rooms there is a comfortable king size bed and two single beds. As well as this each family room is provided with an en-suite bathroom.


Possibly the best part about the hostel however, is the fantastic communal areas. The kitchen is complete with a full set of accessories, including rice cookers, hobs, pans, toaster, oven, microwave, waffle iron and more. It’s a place that you can really enjoy cooking in. The rest of the communal areas are fitted with sofas and chairs and loads of cushions for relaxing and talking to fellow travelers, as well as large flat screen TV’s. The hostel also has it’s own conference room, where people often work or have meetings in the quiet professional setting.




Whatever you are looking for, you can find the right accommodation for you at Mono’tel.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alma Nimfa Nicdao says:

    Hi! Are there windows in a family room? Thanks.


    1. monotelhostel says:

      Hi Alma, there are no windows in our family room but we have air conditioning system.


  2. LILLE WANG says:

    May I know :
    1. How do I get from Taoyaun International Airport to your hostel? What about the price taking train or bus or taxi? Which will you recommend?
    2. Are there lift or just steps going up and down the hostel?
    Thank you.


    1. monotelhostel says:

      Hi LILLE,
      1. You can take Kuo-Kuang bus to Yuanshan MRT station, then take MRT(Tamsui-Xinyi Line) to jiantan station. And just leave the station from exit no.1, go straight about 5 mins.
      →Bus & MRT fees will cost maybe under 150NT per person
      →Taxi fees will cost around 1,200NT.
      Both of them spend almost same time to come here, so maybe depend on the fees which is your preference.

      2.We have lift here. But you have to get to B1 by steps then take lift to your room.


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