MOCATaipei: Visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art

For all the art lovers out there, another great museum in Taipei is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is located right nex to to Zhongshan MRT station, so it’s really easy to get to and find. We took a visit their yesterday and were really impressed with the collection of work we found. While there is not as many pieces of work as the Museum of Fine Art near Yushuan station, to us it felt like a more manageable amount. We were able to enjoy everything in the museum without feeling overloaded, unlike when we went MOFA.


There are no free parts to this museum, but the entrance fee is a minimal $50 NTD, which we felt was very reasonable considering the quality and amount of art from current artists. The selection of media used was great, and at each turn we kept finding something else that would surprise us. Most of the work was really thought provoking,  even though context would have helped further understanding. Some pieces were completely lost on us, and maybe if we had been explained more we could have appreciated these better, but this was rare.

The first part of the exhibition, which really stuck with us to the end, was an exhibition by Huang Zan Lun, entitled ‘The Future That Never Comes’. This was an inspiring set of work which managed to be both thought provoking and unsettling at times. The range of media Huang Zan Lun used included some truly unique paintings, some mechanical sculptures, a mixed media installation of light and sound,  and some other very interesting sculptures using the motherboards of computers to envisage a city-scape. Definitely don’t miss this.


Further on in the museum, there are exhibitions which focus on certain historical events and the dark past surrounding them. In one room there is a collection of installations that focus on the colonization of Indonesia, by the Dutch. We learnt that owing to widespread rumors that the Chinese inhabitants were working with the colonizers, during this period many Chinese were killed or tortured. The different artists exhibited reflect a number of perspectives on this piece of history. We were left very taken back by the harrowing stories and the depth of thought that had gone into displaying them

Some other really amazing parts of the museum included an animation sequence by Sun Xu. It has to be watched to truly appreciate the skill that has gone into creating this 8 minute long animation, but suffice to say the sequence is mesmerizing. Other pieces included a strange crate that gave many people a fright when they peered inside, a number of video sequences investigating the violence of image,  and an enormous installation made from hay. There really is a  lot to see and discover at MOCA, and we really recommend going.


To get to MOCATaipei from Mono’tel take the MRT from Jiantan station, around 200 metres left of Mono’tel front entrance. Take the MRT to Zhonshan and leave at exit 1 . Walk behind the station exit following the road to the metro mall. Here you turn right and walk a few hundred meters until you see the building on your right. There are a few maps around the station if you get stuck.



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