Is this still Taipei? Escaping to Yangmingshan

A few days ago some of us from Mono’tel took a day trip, with a couple of our guests, to the Yangmingshan national park. This scenic area is very beautiful and a real change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Taipei city life,  and it’s only 30 minutes bus ride away! We had the perfect weather on our side and a picnic of our own homemade onigiri, which we all made together the night before.


After our short bus ride we had completely left the city and climbed up into the fresh mountain air, to the Qingtiangang area of Yangmingshan.  From here you can do a number of activities which makes it a great spot to start. One of the best things about this area in particular is that there are so many hiking trails around, you could spend days trekking around the mountains and rolling green fields. The scenery of Yangmingshan is very different to other places in Taiwan, making it really stands out as a place of natural beauty. In fact the mountain used to be know as ‘Grass Mountain’ because of the prominent landscape of grassy slopes covered with the bushy plant called crenate-leaved eureya.


The region is made of a number of mountains, as well as over 20 volcanoes, which mean its possible in areas to take a relaxing soak in some hot springs after a hard days hiking. There are also waterfalls and temples and so many different species of birds and flowers it’s tempting to spend all day moving between the sights. For many though the area functions as a place to get away, and just relax. It’s beauty also makes it a popular spot for wedding photography. We decided to spend some time wandering around a few trails and enjoying the sun, before taking a break for a picnic of onigiri.


Later we took a trek up to a view point a few kilometers away. From here not only could you see the vast area of the national park stretching all the way to the ocean, but also an amazing view of Taipei city. In the sunny haze, it looked very peaceful, with Taipei 101 standing out in the distance. Our guests certainly enjoyed themselves, and have assured us they will be going back to explore different areas of the park as soon as they can. It is especially a good idea to come and enjoy a sunset, or if you brave the early morning, a sunrise. Bring a picnic and a book, or even an instrument to sit and relax with!


To get there, exit Mono’tel on your left and walk a few hundred meters to the outside of Jianti station. Buses are frequent in the morning  and afternoon, but get less frequent towards the evening. The journey is only 15 NTD for a person, meaning its a very cheap day out. Highly recommended by all the staff and guests!

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